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Cou-gar [koo-ger] -noun. is a sexually attractive mature woman, usually over the age of 30 who eagerly pursues younger men for sexual encounters; a more aggressive type of MILF; see

Top Rated Cougars
Alexis Golden
Angela Attison
Cougars In Heat Alexis Golden
Cougars In Heat Angela Attison
Young Will has fucked a lot of young hotties and even his share of MILFs in his day, but nothing prepared him for the feelings that he's experienced since he first laid eyes on his first cougar, Alexis Golden. Not only is she blonde, stacked, beautiful...
Cougar:Tanya Tate
Pretty, blonde, cougar housewife Angela Attison has been so busy with her duties as a trophy wife that she has not had time to maintain a regular work out routine to help her keep her perfect little mature body nice and tight. She's never....
Cougar:Angela Attison
Occupation:Dog Walker
Lair:Dog Parks

Austin Kincaid
Brianna Beach
Cougars In Heat Austin Kincaid
Cougars In Heat Brianna Beach
Austin is having her measurements taken so that she can have a special dress taylored to fit her perfect ass and big round boobs so that when she wears it to the big cougar party that she and her girlfriends have organized, all...
Cougar:Austin Kincaid
Occupation:Party Planner
Lair:Los Angeles
This gorgeous blonde cougar loves to go out and pick up young college boys from the local happy hour bar. The problem is that after she lets them fuck her and she's done with them, she can't get them to stop coming by her house...
Cougar:Brianna Beach
Occupation:Massage Therapist

Brittany Blaze
Brittany Oneil
Cougars In Heat Brittany Blaze
Cougars In Heat Brittany Oneil
Brittany Blaze flew out from Las Vegas to visit the National Pornographic team and perform in her first shoot for She told us a fun story about how she once had an ongoing affair with one of her son's friends who was only...
Cougar:Brittany Blaze
Lair:Las Vegas
When Brittany's package full of dildos that she ordered online shows up, it seems that the packaging is all mangled up and has been taped together. She's very upset that her stuff is damaged and demands to be compensated by the...
Cougar:Brittany Oneil
Occupation:Tanning Salon Owner

Cameron Keys
Cougars In Heat Cameron Keys
Cougars In Heat Chloe
Cameron is a horny blonde cougar slut with nice milky white skin and a nice hot wet pink slit between her mature thighs. She loves to spread it wide for young studs with big cocks. This time she brought home a young punk who she met...
Cougar:Cameron Keys
Thin brunette cougar, Chloe is a wild and crazy cock loving milf. She just cant get enough young man meat to keep her satisfied before moving on to the next younger guy. This time she's got one of her younger guys over for a massage...
Occupation:Porn Slut

Darryl Hanah
Diamond Foxxx
Cougars In Heat Darryl Hanah
Cougars In Heat Diamond Foxxx
The long legged, perfect bodied hot blonde cougar in heat is Darryl Hanah. The young studly contestants who are competing for her attention are Damien and Allen and it's all come down to this. And Darryl's selection, the winner is...
Cougar:Darryl Hanah
Lair:Los Angeles
Smoking hot big tittied, blonde cougar milf Diamond Foxxx is excited to spend an afternoon with her latest boy toy, Johnny. Johnny promised to be right over and that he was going to take this sexy slut of a cougar on the ride of her life...
Cougar:Diamond Foxxx
Occupation:Hot Cougar Slut

Diana Prince
Holly Sampson
Cougars In Heat Diana Prince
Cougars In Heat Holly Sampson
Tall, thin and smoking hot beautiful brunette cougar in heat, Diana Prince has picked Johnny to be one of the young big cocked studs that she keeps in her fuck rotation, but she's having the same old problem with him as she does all the...
Cougar:Diana Prince
Occupation:Rocket Scientist
Lair:Los Angeles
Mikey has had his eye on the lady who lived next door to the home that he grew up in since he was knee high to a grasshopper. Who can blame him? Holly is a pretty blond with long slender legs, a perfectly fit body, a perky pair of fake tits...
Cougar:Holly Sampson

Janet Mason
Jordan Kingsley
Cougars In Heat Janet Mason
Cougars In Heat Jordan Kingsley
Young muscle man stud boy, Mikey Butders made a bet with this mature older cougar slut named Janet Mason that if he could do 100 pushups with her fine little ass sitting on his back that she would have to show him her nice big tits. Never...
Cougar:Janet Mason
All the way from the outback, Will "The Coug-crodile Hunter" Powers is here for a special episode of Cougars In Heat. He's an expert in wild animal behavior and has faced off with many a wild cougar in his days. Today though he's encountered...
Cougar:Jordan Kingsley
Occupation:Man Eater

Kiera Kingsley
Lisa Ann
Cougars In Heat Kiera Kingsley
Cougars In Heat Lisa Ann
It's Kiera's birthday and this horny cougar wants nothing more on her special day then to be fucked hard by her favorite young stud. She decides to call Will and tell him that he's invited over to her place for a birthday celebration but not invite...
Cougar:Kiera Kingsley
Occupation:Birthday Girl
Every good fan of porn knows that Lisa Ann is bar none, one of the horniest, sexiest and most naughty MILFs in the sex on film biz. It's no wonder that all of the guys beg their agents to cast them with her, she's hot. So when young Danny...
Cougar:Lisa Ann
Occupation:Talent Agent
Lair:Los Angeles

Maria Bellucci
Max Makita
Cougars In Heat Maria Bellucci
Cougars In Heat Max Makita
Hot, horny and sexy European Cougar In Heat Maria Bellucci is new to the US and was lucky enough to find a room for rent in the house of well known young muscle man, porn star stud Mikey Butders' home. She's always wanted to get in the...
Cougar:Maria Bellucci
Young Mikey Butders has searched the four corners of the globe in his search for only the finest cougars in heat and on his journeys has encountered many hot cougars. He's had the pleasure of having his cock sucked by blonde, brunette...
Cougar:Max Makita
Occupation:Massage Therapist

Maya Devine
Mellanie Monroe
Cougars In Heat Maya Devine
Cougars In Heat Mellanie Monroe
It's April fool's day and Maya is up to her old tricks. She calls up the neighbor kid, Alex and tells him that there is a massive spider in her house so that he'll come over and kill it for her. When Alex shows up and realizes that there is no spider and...
Cougar:Maya Devine
Occupation:Fucking Young Guys
Will just got a new job at the NP Bar and Grill and it seems that his luck hasn't stopped there. On his first night on the job, in walks a hot, horny and stacked blonde cougar who's on the prowl and ready to party. Will offers her tequila,...
Cougar:Mellanie Monroe
Occupation:Hot Piece of Ass

Payton Leigh
Sasha Sky
Cougars In Heat Payton Leigh
Cougars In Heat Sasha Sky
Payton is a spunky little cougar slut with very few inhibitions when it comes to her desire for younger men. After her dinner date with a young bartender named Alex, she is treated his special blend of spirits which he calls "the pink cougar coctail"....
Cougar:Payton Leigh
Patrick Knight is a young rich kid who's parents pay for his luxury condo and live in Mexican maid. He's got it all in life but nothing prepared him for what he was in for on this day. Normally, Sasha, the sexy cougar Latina maid with big tits has the...
Cougar:Sasha Sky

Tanya Tate
Cougars In Heat Tabitha
Cougars In Heat Tanya Tate
Christian is a door to door salesman who's latest product is the Ferrari of vacuum cleaners called the "Magna Cougar 2000." He's already pitched all of the mature ladies in the neighborhood and although he's had some luck, it's nothing...
Tanya Tate is a mega sexy, blond Cougar In Heat, with a perfect milf body, big tits and beautiful eyes. Ever since she arrived in the US from the UK, she's developed quite a taste for younger American men. She's been lying to them about her...
Cougar:Tanya Tate
Occupation:Cock Handler

TJ Hart
Tyler Faith
Cougars In Heat TJ Hart
Cougars In Heat Tyler Faith
When Jordan shows up for a blind date with TJ, he sees that she is much older than the pictures that he saw of her on the internet. Jordan is a 29 year old stud and is use to fucking hot young girls by the dozen. So right away he decides,...
Cougar:TJ Hart
Occupation:Dirty Cougar Slut
Lair:Where ever the young men are
Tyler's young roomate has a buddy who is unemployed and has been crashing on their couch for the last couple of weeks. The days go by and there he is, just flipping channels, smokin weed and showing no desire to get up off his ass and...
Cougar:Tyler Faith
Lair:New England

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This page is dedicated to Cougars In Heat

I don't know how old you actually have to be in order to be called a fucking cougar. On the online Urban Dictionary of slang, they do give one definition describing the bang-worthy mature broad as being at least 35, or older. I'd say that most of the chicks on Cougars In Heat are probably at least 35. Some are even 40, or older.
I think we've all at some point been fascinated by the idea that mature old woman would take us under her wings, so to speak, and teach us the ropes within the sexual realm. After all who better to do so? If you have been or are still fascinated by this phenomenon you may be interested in the twist that Cougars in Heat has to offer. Apparently these particular ”cougars” are in heat and you know what that means, an innocent younger man is about to have a mighty good time.
While CougarsInHeat are strikingly gorgeous sexy mature women, often with big tits, what really grabbed me by my proverbial, albeit symbolic, balls were the movies. Each film offers a completely new and kinky twist on the older woman and younger dude theme, and there's plenty of spice as the action starts heating up. The films seem to be improvised more than scripted, but the players do it well and with a lot of horny vigour. Cougars In Heat is the best mature site going right now. - JOIN NOW>>

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